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Finish Ultimate Plus

Introducing Finish Ultimate Plus. Use for our intensive clean in short cycles (1hr, 65°C) and diamond shine 1st time, every time.
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#1 recommended brand

#1 recommended brand

Finish is recommended by renowned dishwasher manufacturers

Product overview

Finish Ultimate Plus All in 1, for our intensive clean in short cycles (1hr, 65°C) and diamond shine 1st time, every time. It's our first ever tablet with CYCLESYNC™ technology that release the right ingredient (Enzyme) to act at the right time. Its advanced chemistry is effective at breaking down all types of food residues, even stubborn 24 hour burnt-on stains, without pre-rinsing. The tabs help protect your glassware and cutlery*, maintaining their shine wash after wash. Plus they’re wrapper free, with biodegradable and 100% water-soluble film. Be confident your dishes will come out sparkly clean with Finish Ultimate Plus.

Product benefits

For our intensive clean & diamond shine 1st time, every time


Tackles burnt-on stains, without the need to pre-rinse

Helps protect and care for your glassware and cutlery*

How to use

Handle with dry hands only

Do not pierce, break, cut, or tear pouches apart. Always reseal pack after use

No unwrapping. Dissolves completely in the wash.

Place one tab per wash in the dry dispenser. No need to pre-rinse. Remove food scraps and scrape plates & dishes with soiled surfaces facing the water sprays. ​

Don't place in cutlery basket. Except for Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer – if it does not fit in dispenser place it in an empty section of the cutlery basket.

For best results, we recommend using in short cycles (1hr, 65°C). Also suitable for eco/auto cycles.

Safety & Storage

Always reseal pack after use

Store in a dry environment, away from heat and moisture

Keep out of reach of children

Irritant: avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not swallow

Irritant: Causes serious eye irritation. Causes skin irritation. Contains Subtilisin. May produce an allergic reaction. Do not swallow. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice if product is swallowed or causes irritation.

Ultimate pro tabs

How to safely use Finish Tabs


Complete the clean

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*Contains agents known to help protect glasses against corrosion and clouding. This product does not protect from mechanical damages or restore already damaged items.