Signs your Dishwasher needs Cleaning

Every now and again you might think that your dishwasher needs a good clean. From food getting in the filter at the bottom of your machine, to an odd smell that gets released after a wash, to dishes not coming out fully clean, there are many signs that might require your attention. In general, a dishwasher should be run on an empty cycle with Finish dishwasher cleaner once per month to ensure a functioning dishwasher. Find out why below.

The Signs

There are several general signs that let you know your dishwasher may be a bit dirtier than usual,and that it may require a clean.5

  • Unpleasant smell

  • Food build-up in the filter of your machine

  • Cutlery / crockery leaves a cycle covered with food or grease

  • Rusting inside the machine

  • Food in the sprayer arm

There are other, less obvious signs, because often a build-up of grease and limescale can be occurring in the hidden but vital parts of your machine. All of these can be worked away though, just with a good clean.

What to do in case of Build-Up

If you notice any of these signs, the solution is quite simple: Finish Dishwasher Cleaner. Simply run an empty wash with dishwasher cleaner, following the pack instructions, and voila! Both the surface and those sneaky hidden parts your dishwasher should benefit from the clean.

Some other tips

While it covers everything inside your dishwasher, the cleaner can’t access some parts, such as the door (and rubber that surrounds it), the front and buttons. Give these a clean with a cloth and hot soapy water to get them looking as bright as the insides. The buttons and the door, are the only things you’ll need to clean, as your dishwasher cleaner will take care of the rest.

Don't wait until it's too late!

It’s important to keep dishwasher cleaning regular, as this will prevent the build-up and eventual problems of limescale with a routine wash.

Love your dishwasher. Give it Finish.