A Dishwasher's Tale

So, you have installed your dishwasher and your first lot of pots, pans and glasses are ready to be loaded up. You should be thankful that this, one of the most hard-working appliances, is here to pick up where you left off on dishwashing duty!

5Each cycle entails a battle against grease and grime. Tackling food that has been baked and embedded into pots and pans, oily bowls and plates and glasses that are coated with sticky sugar residue. Not only does the dishwasher do all of the soaking, soaping and scrubbing for us but it leaves all of our kitchenware sparkling and dry too, as if nothing ever happened.

… and you hardly have to lift a finger.

As time goes on, you gain confidence in your dishwasher. Now, instead of just loading it up with all the heavy duty, heavily stained items you used to cook the family stew last night, it can tackle almost all of your kitchenware, including delicate glassware which you save for ‘special guests’. However, always ensure that the kitchenware you use is dishwasher safe.

For example, Finish Rinse Aid Shine & Protect should be used regularly to rinse away

residue, speed up drying, fight water spots and leave a brilliant shine on all your glasses!

As with anything, in order for an appliance to deliver optimal results, it is vital to use the right products. Finish has a range of products that have been specially formulated to clean and protect your kitchenware and that are recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers.

So, whether you’re using your dishwasher to get rid of scorched Yorkshire pudding on a tin, shine your glassware without the cloudy effect or to help eliminate white spots from your cutlery, select the Finish product that’s right for you.

You don’t have to worry about cloudy glasses and grazed dinner sets anymore!

The one thing people often forget though is that you need to actually clean your dishwasher now and again. Sure – you might be using the best products but it still needs a bit more attention from time to time. You need to remove and clean the filter, while Finish Dishwasher Cleaner helps to prevent the buildup of grease. It will even make sure parts like the spray arms and jets don’t get clogged up with leftover food and dirt.

It’s a very simple process that helps maintain your dishwasher in its best state. It is going to be just like the day you bought it and who doesn’t want that? This is a much easier solution than allowing your dishwasher to experience problems, and worst of all – you would have to do the dishes yourself!