Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro

Our most advanced formula is designed to give you our best clean and shine without having to pre-rinse. Save time and water with Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro.

Also available in: Lemon – 16s, 32’s 46’s
Original – 32’s
Baking Soda – 32’s

Product Description

Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro dishwashing tablets clean dishes and boosts shine and include our ACTIVBLU TECHNOLOGY™! Our most advanced formula dissolves faster than ever, effectively cutting through grease and breaking down tough food stains, giving them our ultimate clean and shine. Our dishwashing tablets are wrapper-free, with biodegradable, water-soluble film. The lemon fragrance adds a burst of freshness to every wash. You can save time in your daily wash by not pre-rinsing, knowing your dishes will come out clean and shiny with Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro dishwasher tablets.

Follow pack instructions.

Always read label before use and follow safety warnings.

Product Code: 9300701066505