Frequently Asked Questions

There are few questions about dishwashing that we've yet to hear.

Here are some of the most common answered.

1. What exactly is Finish®?

Finish® is the #1 recommended brand by more dishwasher brands worldwide. We have been at the forefront of automatic dishwashing for over 60 years. Finish® products are recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide than any other brand.

2. Are Finish® Automatic Dishwashing Products Biodegradable?

Yes, our automatic dishwashing products are biodegradable. It’s very important to us that our products are safe for the environment.

3. Are Finish® automatic dishwashing products safe for septic systems?

All Finish® automatic dishwashing products are safe for septic systems.

4. Why should I use an automatic dishwashing detergent such as Finish® in my dishwasher?

Your detergent needs to complement the cleansing action of your dishwasher. Automatic dishwashing detergent is specially formulated to disperse food residue and greasy soiling, hold it in suspension, and remove it in the final rinse. It does all this while producing little or no suds. For amazing results, try our Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel!

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5. How do I use Finish® automatic dishwashing detergent products?

How do I use Finish® Quantum®?

  1. Place one tablet in the main detergent dispenser and close.* It is important that both Quantum® and the detergent dispenser are dry.
  2. The tablet is wrapper-free and designed to release its contents when they come into contact with water. Do not pierce or attempt to unwrap the tablet.
  3. Close the packaging lid tightly. Store away from heat and moisture to protect the remaining tablets.
  4. Make sure all items are dishwasher safe and separate silver from stainless steel. Wash metal items according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Run on dishwashers normal cycle
  6. In hard water conditions, it may be necessary to continue to use Finish® Rinse Aid for optimal results.

**Do not use short wash cycle programs

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How do I use other Finish Tabs?

  1. Remove one tablet from its container.
  2. Place the tablet in the main dishwasher detergent dispenser and close. Use one fully dissolving tablet per wash load.
  3. Make sure all items are dishwasher safe and separate silver from stainless steel. Wash metal items according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Run dishwasher. The optimal water temperature is 50°-60°C.

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How do I use Finish® Powder and Gel?

  1. Fill your dishwasher detergent dispenser completely. If you have heavily soiled dishes and/or hard water, use slightly more detergent. Use less detergent if you have very soft water.
  2. Run your dishwasher. Optimal water temperature is 60°C.

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6. How do I use Finish® Rinse Aid?

  1. Check whether your dishwasher has a built-in liquid rinse aid dispenser, which is usually located near the detergent cup(s).
  2. Fill your rinse aid dispenser with Finish® Rinse Aid. Wipe up any spilled product.
  3. Finish® Rinse Aid is automatically released in the rinse cycle every time your dishwasher runs. We recommend refilling your dispenser with Finish® Rinse Aid monthly.

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7. How does Finish® Rinse Aid work?

Spots and film form in your dishwasher's rinse cycle, when detergents are already down the drain. Finish® Rinse Aid works in the rinse cycle, lowering the surface tension of water and causing it to sheet. Better rinsing results in less spots and film!

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8. How do I use Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner?

  1. Make sure to NOT remove the cap and that your dishwasher is empty.
  2. Remove the sticker from the top of the bottle.
  3. Place the bottle upside down inside the silverware basket or in a secure position.
  4. Do not use any soap or dishwasher detergent.
  5. Close dishwasher door, then set dishwasher to heavy wash (pots & pans, sani, etc.) cycle. Start dishwasher.
  6. After full cycle is complete and dishwasher is off, remove bottle and discard.
  7. For heavy build up a 2nd application may be necessary. For optimal results, use once a month.

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9. How should I store my dishwashing detergent?

Your dishwashing detergent should be stored in a dry environment. If you are using powders, be careful to close the spout after each use to help keep the product dry (and to avoid spills!). Like all cleaning products, store your detergent out of the reach of children.

10. Do I need to pre-rinse my dishes before loading them into the dishwasher?

No need to! Pre-rinsing is a thing of the past. And although most Australians do it, it’s time consuming and wasteful. It can waste up to 65L of water per washload*.

Quality detergents like Finish® Quantum® contain both bleach and enzymes, so you don’t need to pre-rinse. Bleach fights tough stains like tea and coffee, and enzymes breakdown proteins and starches. All you have to do is scrape the larger pieces into the trash and load your dishwasher.

*Source: Colmar Brunton Study, Project Bono, 2009

11. What can I put into my dishwasher?

A lot of people have misconceptions about what they can put in a dishwasher. For example, people think you can’t put things like frying pans, sharp knives, saucepans, or crystal wine glasses inside a dishwasher. If the manufacturer says they’re dishwasher safe, you can!

12. The Finish packet says to put the tablet in the main detergent dispenser

Our Finish® Tablet goes in the compartment with the cover/sliding door.

13. Why are my dishes still wet?

Possible Causes:

  • Poor drying/rinse performance due to low residual heat in plastics.
  • The use of detergent containing rinse aid in an energy efficient dishwasher.
  • Wrongly sorted or concave dishes (form puddles).
  • Unloading dishes too soon after program has finished.
  • Defective heating element.

Possible Solutions:

  • Use or refill with our Finish® Rinse Aid. 
  • If your detergent already contains a rinse aid, try our Finish® Rinse Aid in your rinse aid dispenser.
  • If necessary, adjust to maximum dosage level.
  • Load so items cannot turn over and the rinse water can run off completely.
  • After the program has finished, open the door for a short time, then close again and wait before unloading.
  • Call a service technician.

14. Can we answer anything else for you?

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