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How long is a dishwasher cycle

How long is a dishwasher cycle?

Dishwasher cycles can vary in length, but what’s normal for a typical dishwasher? We explain how long your dishwasher cycles should be lasting.

Dishwasher cycle lengths can vary massively depending on the age and make of your machine, and the type of cycle function you opt for. Some express cycles may take as little as an hour and a half, whereas newer, more energy efficient machines may have dishwasher cycles of up to four hours1.

How many cycles does a dishwasher have?

Most standard dishwashers will have at least three cycles:

  1. A light cycle, often used for delicate glassware and plates 
  2. A normal cycle, for everyday plates and cutlery 
  3. A heavy cycle, for items that need a more intense clean 

Each of these cycles will vary in their length and temperature and should be selected according to cleaning need.

A lot of modern dishwashers, however, have many more cycle options. These can include:

  1. Eco-wash: for slow, energy-saving cycles 
  2. Quick wash: for dishes which have already been rinsed 
  3. Rinse/hold: to allow you to rinse dishes and leave them in the dishwasher as you wait for a larger load 
  4. Auto clean: which senses how dirty your items are and adjusts the settings automatically
  5. Delay wash: which sets the dishwasher ready to wash at a specific time in the future 
  6. Half load: for smaller wash requirements
  7. Delicate cycle: to wash your delicate kitchen pieces 

Ultimately, the number of cycles your dishwasher features will depend on its age and model.

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